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It continues to give hope where there exists none

Angelin Foundation - Because everyone deserves a home
Angelin Foundation - Because everyone deserves a home!

Angelin is a registered, non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit social service organization, established 3 years ago, with the sole objective of serving people in need.

Mrs. Angeline Mathias who is the spiritual inspiration to our foundation had the generous heart to help the poor people in meeting up their requirements and lead those in the path of help one another. And after she received the God’s call she made sure that her ideas are implemented by her blessed children Mr. Monish Mathias and Mr. Arun Mathias. Under the ideas of these two young people they have planned to serve the need in better manner under a roof, ultimately formed the group of ANGELIN FOUNDATION which is rightly named after their mother to carryout her services. By her prayers and blessings we are able to reach out to the needy for the past three years.

Angelin Foundation believes that everyone deserves to be loved. Till date, there have been around 150 unfortunate brethren from new born babies to dying destitute who have found a home here. The centre provides individualized services - treatment, care, rehabilitation and education.

Our family
Angelin Foundation is located in Virugambakkam, Chennai and the orphanage is located in Theerthamalai village, Dharmapuri Dist.
It’s been possible for us to do the impossible - give a roof to all who needed one, only due to the support of well-wishers and donors. As a non-governmental, non-religious social service organization, we run our homes just through the financial and emotional support of public.
Like a dew drop that awakens the birth of a flower in a seed, it is often a small deed that rains a world of hope to those in despair. Give a little today and experience abundant bliss in return!