FAQ on Child Sponsorship

Child Sponsorship is the commitment you, as a sponsor make to change the life of a deprived child through regular contributions. It is a relationship between you and your sponsored child.

FAQ related to Donation

You can send it by Money Order, Cheque, Demand Draft or Credit Card (through Internet) or by cash when you come directly.

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FAQ related to Online Donation

You can be assured that all transactions on our site are safe. Online security is a primary concern and that is why the angelin foundation site is certified as a VeriSign secure site.

About Angelin Foundation

Angelin is a registered, non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit social service organization, established 3 years ago, with the sole objective of serving people in need.Life surprises you when you are least prepared for it. For Mr Monish Mathias who was running a small community centre, surprise came in a ragged bundle of clothes. Within it was a frail child crying his heart out and reaching out to him with his puny fingers. When he gave his hand for the little boy to hold, it was the beginning of an ardent journey. Angelin Foundation was thus born to help anyone who needs a hand to stand and to this day, it continues to give hope where there exists none. Read more

Our family

Angelin Foundation is located in Virugambakkam, Chennai and the orphanage is located in Theerthamalai village, Dharmapuri Dist.It’s been possible for us to do the impossible - give a roof to all who needed one, only due to the support of well-wishers and donors. As a non-governmental, non-religious social service organization, we run our homes just through the financial and emotional support of public. Read more


Infants born to our psychiatric patients, single mothers and abandoned little ones are taken care. Here the house mothers take special care to ensure that the infants get all the nutrition and love they want. The children are regularly taken to pediatrician for health check-ups. When they reach 3 years of age, the little ones are put where they learn the basics of life - reading, writing and yes, taking care of others as their own. Read more

Mentally Challenged

They are the most ignored members of the society. Isn’t it a common sight in our society to see a deranged person roaming around the streets in ragged clothes? Don’t they deserve to live a life with dignity too?.At Angelin Foundation, we house such disturbed and abandoned patients. We first have a counseling section and based upon the severity of their illness, they are given treatment and care.Read more